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Home Pride Update XII – Auction Results

Today was the highly anticipated auction of the major Hostess Bread brands. As expected Flowers Foods, the Stalking Horse bidder, was the winner of the auction. Actually, they were the only bidder as their $360 million bid was unopposed. There will now be a hearing with the bankruptcy court on March 19 to approve the bid.  This means that Home Pride, Wonder, Nature’s Pride and Butternut will soon be distributed by Flowers Foods.

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Discontinued - Butter Top

There was also a second auction for a Hostess Brand. Flowers Foods had also been the Stalking Horse bidder for the Beefsteak brand, but were outbid by Grupo Bimbo. I had thought that something might happen with this brand since it had been separated from the other bread brands. My suspicions were right :-).

We can now all start looking forward to the day when:

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Auction - Flowers Foods - Bread Sold I thought that this picture that I used in an earlier post called Baking Bread would be a nice picture to illustrate the sale of the bread brands. This picture comes from Stories about Sally by Eleanor Thomas which was a Social Studies textbook used in the 1950’s. You can click on Baking Bread to see pictures of the complete commercial baking process which has not changed much in the last 60+ years.

I am hoping that Flowers Foods will release details soon about their distribution plans so that we will know when Home Pride will be back on our shelves. Since the approval from the courts will not come until close to the end of the month, it does not seem like it will be in March. Hopefully we will know soon.

For those of you waiting on Twinkies, the auction is on March 13. Only two more weeks until we know for sure who will be buying them.


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Remembering Van Cliburn

This morning I saw in the news that legendary pianist Van Cliburn had passed away on Wednesday.

Van Cliburn brings back many memories of listening to his many recordings and also reading about the celebrity that he attained for winning the International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1958. When I was young I read The Van Cliburn Legend by Abram Chasins.  I still have the book on my shelves and may read it again soon.

The Van Cliburn Legend - Abraham Chasins - Remembering Van Cliburn - pianist

I often listen to Van Cliburn recordings as they shuffle through my i-tunes play list and on XM Pops as I commute to work. I am sure that he is getting a lot of air play today. Piano music is the type of music that I listen to the most, and I always enjoy listening to his work.

Van Cliburn started taking piano lessons at three which made me think of this old picture of me.

Child playing piano - old upright piano

I was definitely not a piano prodigy, but did take lessons for a few years and still will occasionally sit down and play the piano. You can read more about this picture of me in my post Piano History.

Van Cliburn started his lessons with his mother Rildia who had studied with Arthur Friedheim who was one of the last students of Franz Liszt. I find it interesting to follow the chain of teachers and students. Liszt took lessons from Carl Czerny who had taken lessons from Ludwig van Beethoven.We can continue back through Christian Gottlob Neefe, Johann Adam Hiller, Gottfried August Homilius, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Christoph Bach, Johann Pachelbel, Heinrich Schwemmer and Johann Erasmus Kindermann to the great teacher Johann Staden who established the Nuremburg tradition in the early 1600’s.

Play some Van Cliburn piano music today and remember this great pianist as you listen and relax.

Who is your favorite pianists? I have many favorites including Glen Gould, Vladimir Ashkenazy and The 5 Browns.