Colorful Hills

My daily commute takes me up and over the Altamont Hills.

The colors of the hills change with the seasons, and at times they can be very beautiful.

During the rainy season the hills change to a beautiful green.

Altamont Hills in the Rainy Season

Rainy Season

I took this picture while driving over the hills one weekend when there was not much traffic. I was able to safely slow down and get a nice picture. I love the almost fluorescent green of the grass and also the line of windmills across the ridge. The cuts across the ridge are where railroad tracks cut through the hills.

Sometimes when the hills are in an intermediate stage of color, this is what I imagine as I drive to and from work.

Another time when I love the color of the hills is during the summertime. They sometimes turn a beautiful golden color.

Golden Hills of the Altamont


Since I really liked the first picture in the post, I decided that I needed one of the hills when they were golden. I again picked a time with little traffic so that I could get a picture for comparison.

These two pictures are probably the extremes when it comes to the color of the hills. Sadly, we also have another color that sometimes makes it appearance on the Altamont. Sometimes the hills are black when we have fires that are sparked by either a badly maintained vehicle or by someone throwing lighted material from their car. Fortunately, the hills eventually recover their beautiful color.

We also get accent color in the spring time with either wildflowers or mustard plants and they add a special touch to the hills. On my daily drive over the Altamont I can always imagine the colors when they are at their best.

Since the two pictures above are so close in position to each other, I decided to combine them together.

Altamont Hills Summer versus Winter

Gold or Green?

For this picture, I simply cropped the right hand side and pasted it over the left in a PowerPoint slide. I really like the result that I came up with. I am sure that there are some nifty ways to Photoshop the two pictures together, but even though I have Photoshop on my work laptop, I don’t know how to use it :-).

It is always a toss-up as to which side of this picture I like better.

Which side do you like?


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13 Responses to Colorful Hills

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    I can’t deside, they’re both beautiful. I love windmills!!! Thanks, also appreciate your descriptive comments …

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Wow, that visually tell’s your story to a T. Good one Steven. I have Photoshop, have taken a class and still find it tricky. I love the green one, make’s me feel like the earth IS healthy. It’s nice to see the windmills. I’m a big alternate energy advocate. I lay low on that because I live in Alberta and too many people’s livelihoods depend on the energy resources here….so shhhhh, mom’s the word.

  3. lylekrahn says:

    What a dramatic contrast in colours! Maybe when you figure out photoshop you can teach me!

  4. stacyjobe says:

    I like the two together. You would really enjoy Photoshop – it’s versatile.

  5. vanbraman says:

    Maybe it is good that I don’t know how to use Photoshop. I actually like the sharp contrast between the two sides. If I would have matched the color of the sky between the sides or blended the two sides it may have ruined that contrast.

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