Green Hills

It is the time of year for Green Hills.  The winter rains have been heavy this year and you can really tell this by the color of the landscape.

California Valley Snow, Livermore Hills, Snow level, dropping snow levelsHere you see the hills in early February when we had snow on the higher peaks.

Rainy Thursday, Rainbow, Altamont, Green HillsHere you can definitely see that the rains have brought color to the hills. I took this picture a couple weeks ago.

Stage Gulch Road, North Bay, TreesOn Friday I was in the North Bay where the hills were also green.

Country, Ranch, Altamont Hills, Green Hills, CattleIt is nice to see vistas like this when driving to and from work. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year when driving over the Altamont.

Altamont Hills Summer versus WinterHere is a contrast of summer and winter on the Altamont. Right now the Altamont looks like the picture on the right, but it will only be a few months before it again looks like the picture on the left.

See Colorful Hills for the two pictures that were combined for the picture above.




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