The Changing Altamont

As I have traveled up and over the Altamont each day during my commute I have thought about how my view changes both with the seasons and through the years.

Altamont, California, Windmills, Spring Rains, Winter Rains, Green HillsHere is a picture that I took within the last week that shows the beautiful green grass covering the Altamont hills. This is very typical of what the hills look like in winter.

Golden Hills of the AltamontHere is another picture from the same area that was taken about three years ago.

What stands out in this picture? Is it the golden hills instead of the green hills?

This picture was taken in the summer time.

Altamont Hills Summer versus WinterHere is a picture that shows the contrast between summer and winter in the Altamont hills.

You can read more about this picture in my post Colorful Hills.

Altamont hills, windmills, calfornia, clean energy, large windmillsInstead of the color difference you may have noticed that there are different windmills in the picture. The new windmills are much larger than the old ones. The blades rotate slower and are safer for the many eagles and hawks that fly through the Altamont hills.

Altamont Pass, Bay Area, California, Windmills, Old PicturesThis picture is not taken in the same place, but in this picture you see some other windmill designs from the 1980’s. I have another picture from the 1980’s in my post Old Altamont Pictures.

The hills have stayed mostly the same with the exception of the cyclical changes through the seasons, but the highway has been widened and windmills built with new technology have replaced the older ones.



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