Tonight I attended the second annual poetry awards for the Friends of the Library.

I was able to listen to  some great poems as they were read by the winners of the different categories.

Tracy Grand Theater, Tracy California, Old Theater, Art Deco TheaterThe awards ceremony was held at the Tracy Grand Theatre.

This made me think of some poetry related posts I have written.

Poems of the Farm and Fireside, Eugene J. Hall, Jansen, Mcclurg and Company, Poem BookI have a book of poems that belonged to my Great, Great Grandfather.

See: Old Book of Poems

Poem, Alice Thorn Frost, Flying kitesI have also shared some poems that my Grandma saved in her scrapbooks.

See: Kite Poems

spring poem, maude M. Grant, spring, garden, seasonI have blogged about poems from the different seasons.

See: Spring Poems

una pierce kilpatrick, fall, maple leaves, seasons, poemsI also used pictures I have taken to illustrate a poem about fall.

See: Fall of the Year

Collected Poems of Robert Service, Canadian Poet, Canada DayI also wrote a post about one of my favorite poets.

See: Robert Service


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