Spring Poems

Tonight I thought I would share a couple poems from one of my Grandma’s scrapbooks.

Here are a couple poems for spring.

spring poem, maude M. Grant, spring, garden, seasonThe first poem is titled Spring and is by Maude M. Grant.

Grant is known for the book Windmills and Wooden Shoes which was published in 1919.


Spring has come, the happy season;

Bring the rake, the spade, the hoe;

Make the garden bed all ready

For the little seeds to grow.

Spring’s a very happy season

For each little girl and boy —

Skies are blue, and birds are singing

In the sunshine, full of joy.

Maude M. Grant

This poem definitely brings make some memories of spring and helping my Mother in her garden.

spring in my heart, leland B. Jacobs, Spring, educationThe second poem is by Leland B. Jacobs who was a professor of education who specialized in literature.

Spring in My Heart

A breeze at my window,

A tree-top in bloom,

Are beckoning me now

To flee from my room,

All cluttered with papers

And books by the score,

To flee from my study

And seal tight the door.

A breeze at my window,

A tree, I depart

From study and listen

To Spring in my heart!

Leland B. Jacobs

I really like this poem as it describes my study and how I feel during spring. I really like how beautiful spring is, despite the misery of allergies.


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