Wednesday Image Search – Stone

Welcome to another Wednesday Image Search where I pick a string of letters or a word and share some of the images I find in an image search of the blog.

Last week I searched for ‘pot’ on 4/14, which made me think of stoned.

Tonight my word is ‘stone’.

What images will I find?

Stoner Drug - Hamburg, Iowa - Soda FountainFirst we have a picture of Stoner Drug in downtown Hamburg, Iowa.

Peach Stone, Eat a Peach Day, Chinese Fruit, Free SToneNext is a peach stone. I like to eat fresh peaches that are sliced up and sprinkled with sugar.

Mini Car - Rolling Stones - Tree Reflections - Milan, Italy - Green MiniHere is a Rolling Stone MINI that I took a picture of in Milan, Italy.

Rolling Stone Grave, Meggido, Matthew 28:6, YouVersionNext is a tomb with a rolling stone. I took this picture in Israel during my first trip there back in 2012. It is hard to believe it is almost ten years ago.Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, Sorcerer's Stone, Book EditionsI used a Harry Potter related image last week, so decided to also add one this week. This is the cover of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

These images show that ‘stone’ has more than just one use. You can see I even have two uses for ‘rolling stone’.

Which is your favorite ‘stone’ picture?

What should I search for next? I had thought of searching for ‘rock’ this week, but changed to ‘stone’ to tie it to the search last week. So, it may be the search next week.


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