Fall of the Year

Tonight I will share a poem about fall that I found in a scrapbook of poems that my Grandma collected.

una pierce kilpatrick, fall, maple leaves, seasons, poemsFALL OF THE YEAR

Una Pierce Kilpatrick

When hillsides are blue with spring blossoms,

I think that’s the best time of all;

But, when cornfields begin to turn golden,

Then I’m sure that the best time is fall.

Iowa cornfield, ready for harvest, Iowa, corn, tall corn stateThere are few things more lovely than roses,

That in the summer climb over the wall;

But, when maples begin to turn scarlet,

Then I’m sure that the best time is fall.

Fall Color - Toronto, Canada - Red Leaves - Autumn SplendorI love the wood fires of midwinter,

And snowflakes always enthrall;

But, when goldenrod waves in its glory,

I know that the best time is fall.

yellow flowers, goldenrod, fall

I hope you enjoyed the pictures that I used to illustrate the poem. The Iowa cornfield picture was taken from the back porch of my sister’s house. The Maple tree is near our office in Toronto and the goldenrod is from just north of Toronto.


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2 Responses to Fall of the Year

  1. A beautiful depiction of a beautiful season.

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