Hamburg Thoughts

Just a few Hamburg thoughts tonight.

George Shane Painting - Hamburg, Iowa - Vapor TrailsI found this newspaper clipping in one of my Grandma’s Scrapbooks. This is a painting by George Shane of jet trails over downtown Hamburg, Iowa.

Hamburg Church of Christ, Hamburg Iowa, Home ChurchMany of my friends have attended a worship service in this old building. My 2nd Great Grandfather helped build the Hamburg Church of Christ building.

Hamburg Iowa, Main Street, Flag Pole, I-29, Left Turn Around PolePeople with Hamburg roots will understand this picture.

Hamburg, Iowa Main Street - Flagpole in intersectionThis may help as you can now see that the flag pole is planted in the middle of an intersection. You have to be careful to follow the right path when turning.

Popcorn Festival Float - Hamburg, Iowa - Popcorn Days - 1962 - Inter-State NurseriesPopcorn Day in Hamburg is not far way. September 11 is only two weeks away.

I remember visiting my grandparents and often having a large bag of popcorn to munch on as test batches are often given away throughout the year.


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