Purple Image Search

Tonight I could not easily come up with a blog idea, so decided to do another color image search. My previous posts in this series are Blue Image Search, Red Image Search, Yellow Image Search, Green Image Search and Orange Image Search.

For these posts I simply pick a color and search my blog images to see what I come up with.

I am now going to click on Add Media and then type ‘purple’ in the search field.

What ‘purple’ images will I find?

They may not end up being purple in color.

Purple Flowers - April Flowers - April Showers bring May Flowers - California - Colorful flowersWith purple, I knew that I would most likely find some purple flowers.

March Iris - Purple Iris - March Flowers - Spring BloomsI knew that I had some pictures of purple iris. One of my favorite flowers.

Bee - Purple Flower - First Day of Spring - California - Tracy, CaliforniaI like this nice picture of a bee on a purple flower.

Walter J. Black Editions, Zane Grey, Books, WesternsHave you ever read Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey? This image brings back some great memories of a friend who really liked to read Westerns, especially Zane Grey.

Vandeveer Singers, Gospel Quartets, Gospel Groups, Vandeveer SingersThis is definitely a purple image.

Do you remember album covers?

Something that we miss today as most music is distributed electronically.

I have some great memories of The Vandeveer Singers. I used this picture in a post I wrote to remember Leland Vandeveer.

I hope you enjoyed these ‘purple’ images.

What color should I search for the next time I can’t think of what to post about?




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