Dessert Tea

This evening I tried some dessert tea that I bought from Trina’s Tea Kettle.

Trina's Tea Kettle, Tracy, California, Downtown, Small Business SaturdayI always like to visit this nice little shop which has some nice tea related items.

Pinky Up, Dessert Tea, Cinnamon Bun, teaThe tea is Cinnamon Bun by Pinky Up and is a loose leaf herbal tea.

Cinnamon Bun Tea, herbal tea, Pinky upThe ingredients are cinnamon, maple, orange, carrot, black currant, moringa and nutmeg along with some natural flavors.

The tea has a very nice aroma and you can definitely smell the cinnamon.

Sunday tea, dessert tea, pinky upHere I am ready for the water to finish heating up. I thought about using a tea ball as some of the ingredients are small, but wanted to show what it looked like better with the glass tea pot.

tea infuser, herbal tea, loose leaf teaThis is an interesting picture as I have never had it take so long for the water to drain out of the infuser. The small pieces are clogging up the slits. I think I will definitely use a mesh ball in the future.

dessert tea, cinnamon bun tea, pinky up, herbal teaYou can also see that small particles have escaped the infuser. The brewed tea had a nice aroma, and it was time for the tasting.

I definitely got the cinnamon taste and there was also a cake taste. However, it was not a definite cinnamon bun taste. However, maybe it is a flavor profile that has to develop so I will have to try it again sometime soon (with a tea ball).

I did like the taste of the tea and it definitely tastes like a dessert 🙂

There are some other Pinky Up flavors that I want to try. One of them is a chocolate mint rooibos. It definitely sounds like it would taste good.


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