Much Cooler Wednesday

Today was much cooler than it has been for the past several months.

forecast, summer heat, 100 degree tempsWe started out the summer with a lot of triple digit days.

In the past couple weeks we have had weather in the high 90’s and into the low 100’s so having it barely reach into the 80’s today was a welcome change.

cool weather, summer respite, 64 degrees, windyIt is especially nice as I write this as it is only 64 degrees. Usually at this time of night the temperature is still in the upper 80’s and I am still waiting to open up the windows for the night.

It has been very windy today as a trough of pressure came through which is why it cooled down. It is interesting to sit working and hear the soughing of the trees. It is very different to work with the windows open and be able to hear the sounds of the weather.

cool wednesday, temperatures, weather, mid-summerHowever, the cool weather is not sticking around long as this weekend it will be hot again.

One interesting thing is to look at the historical averages, we are at the peak of the year and ready to head toward cooler weather.

weekly temperatures, weather, summer weatherHere you can see that we may hit triple digits again on Sunday but then it will cool to the low 90’s.

temperatures vs. average, summer weatherI like this trend for temperatures. It is always nice to see August come and know that it will start cooling off on average.

I also looked at the long range daily forecasts, which now go out 90 days, and there is rain in the forecast for the first week of November.



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