Lunch at the Magic Chicken

On Saturday after visiting the Sao Paulo Zoo we went and had a late lunch at the Magic Chicken.

sao Paulo Brazil tree street sun

As we parked I noticed this very interesting looking tree, and just had to take a picture. The streets in the area were lined with trees, and it was very scenic.

Magic Chicken, Sao Paulo, feijoada, nazare

The outside of the Magic Chicken was very colorful as are many buildings in Sao Paulo.

Once inside we had to wait a few minutes for a table, even though it was in the middle of the afternoon.

feijoada, beans and rice, Brazilian Stew, comfort food

The colleague that I was with wanted me to eat here and enjoy feijoada which is a Brazilian stew of beans and meat.

Feijoada is known as the Brazilian national dish and is often served on weekend afternoons. The beans are stewed with different meats and served over rice. Black beans are usually the type that are used, but in some areas they may use brown, red or even white beans.

feijoada, beans and rice, Brazilian Stew, comfort food

Feijoada is often served as a buffet so that you can choose which meats to add to your dish. I chose some ribs and different types of sausage as well as some roasted beef. You can also see a fried banana on the plate đŸ™‚ I really like the fried bananas.

It was a good experience as the feijoada was delicious. It makes a great comfort food. I may just have to try out my own version when I get home.

parque independencia, sao paulo, parks, palace

After lunch we made a visit to the Parque da Independencia. The Paulista or Ipiranga Museum looms over the park, but it has been closed for years for renovation so we could not visit it. However, it is quite an impressive building to look at.

I will have to share some pictures of the park in a future post.

Now for some sleep.


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