Venturing Out Again

Tonight it was time to Venture Out again to get some essential supplies.

Winco, Covid 19, essential trip, grocery store, shelter in placeI went to WinCo which is my regular grocery store. I waited until about an hour before they closed to make my trip. You can see that the sign says 24 Hour Service, but in these time they are open only from 7am to 10pm. They can then stock and clean the store overnight to better protect their employees.

The store is always less busy at this time of night and it is the usual time that I go shopping. I don’t like shopping in a busy store even in better times.

grocery shoping, small trunk, bags, hyveeSince I was shopping for more than two weeks I had a full row of bags in my trunk. If you look closely you can see that the big bag on the left is a Hy-Vee bag. I bought it years ago when they were trying to cut down on disposable bags and it has served me well through the years. It is perfect for carrying heavy things like gallons of milk. It always brings back memories of Iowa.

milk, pizza, half and halfThis week I bought two gallons of milk since the dates were April 26. That gives me more than two weeks and I can drink more milk each day. This was my cold bag and it was full.

cheese, yoghurt, noosa, laughing cow, old croc, cottage cheeseAlso in the cold bag I had some cheese and yoghurt. I need my dairy products for strong bones. I also bought some Swiss cheese slices and some pastrami. I will have a few Hot Pastrami sandwiches during the next couple of weeks.

eggs, vegetables, potatoes, salad, cucumbers, eggsI also bought some salad, cucumbers, potatoes and eggs. I like that the eggs come from Petaluma Farms, which made me think of a Special Great Uncle.

tuna, salmon, hawaiian rolls, craisinsI also had a craving for some Craisins. I had finished up a bag of dried cranberries this week and needed some more.

A normal purchase for me each week is several packages of King’s Hawaiian rolls. They are a good afternoon stack with some apple butter (Smucker’s of course). Buying them in packs of four help them stay fresh longer.

I bought some packages of tuna and also one of salmon. I plan on making some salmon rice miso soup next week.

I should be set now for almost the rest of April.

When will I leave the house next?



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