Out in the Yard

Today I was finally able to get out in the yard and get some work done. It was not a matter of time, but rather of it being dry enough. It has been a wet and gloomy week.

weeds, side yard, tall grass, green grass springMy little side yard had tall grass and weeds. I will need to treat it for the weeds, but mowing took care of the height.

side yard, mowing, green grassIt looked a lot better after I mowed it. I also knocked down a few weeds in the neighboring yard.

back yard, mowing, electric mower, green grassThe back yard also looked much better after a trim. I may turn the backyard into a satellite office and spend some time out there next week. With the shade it may be dark enough to be able to see my laptop screen to work. I should be able to at least be out there for some of my meetings.

snails, agapanthus, looking for bloomsI was looking into my agapanthus to see if any scapes were starting to appear. I did not find any, but did find a few snails.

backyard, sprinklers, watering, green grassI also ran my sprinklers. The rain this past week should be the last of the season, so I decided to get them turned back on. Now we should have clear skies with gradually escalating temperatures as the weeks go by.

raindrops on roses, sprinkler drops, roses, yellow roseSince I ran the sprinklers I just had to take some pictures of roses with drops of water on them. Well, they are not Raindrops on Roses, but they still look cool.

It was nice to spend some time outside today.


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2 Responses to Out in the Yard

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Got windy here today. I only have a small garden spot next to my door at my apartment. My interests are in certain goals than this at the time.

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