Venturing Out

Tonight it was time to venture out and make an essential trip to the grocery store.

Tracy Library, Flower Gardens, Rose Gardens, NatureI had not been away from home since March 14 when I went to the library just before it closed down. Since then I have been sheltering in place with only short walks to the mailbox and the nearby park.

New Car, Ford Fusion, Plug-in hybrid, Blue Car, BlueySo, tonight I pulled Bluey out of the garage for the first time in almost two weeks and headed off to the grocery store.

Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Discontinued - Butter Top - Home Pride Bread - Hostess Brands - Flowers Foods - Regional Brand - Return of Home PrideI needed some bread and other perishables.

alilee, Leonardo, Tiberias, cheese plate, small fish, olivesI needed some cheese for some calcium.Drinking Milk, Milk from the jug, Water SavingI also picked up some milk as I had finally run out. I was lucky during my last shopping trip to find milk with a date almost two weeks later. The date on the milk I picked up tonight is just over a week from now.

Another item I really wanted was tortilla chips. I had salsa and ingredients to make a cheese dip, but no chips. I have been wanting them for over a week now.

I waited until close to closing time to go to the store. It closes now at 10 so that the employees can safely work to restock without people roaming the aisles. I was surprised that the shelves looked about as full as they normally do at the end of a day. I found everything that I went out for and a few other items as well.

There were not too many customers in the store which is pretty normal for the time I usually shop anyway.

Now I am set for another week before I will need to make another essential trip for food.

Keep safe.


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2 Responses to Venturing Out

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Our governor today stepped to say monday at midnight we are on more restrictions. Shelter in place. Groceries, gas, work, just no churches in the sanctuary or gatherings as across America. Restaurants are drive thru and carry out . God bless America.

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