Hot Pastrami

Did you know that today was Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day.

Hillshire, pastrami, sandwichI just happened to have some pastrami in my fridge so it decided I had to make a sandwich for dinner tonight.

pastrami, swiss, hot pastrami, sandwichOf course, I like to have Swiss cheese with pastrami. I also like to keep things simple so just needed some mayo. Best Foods of course.

Hot pastrami sandwich, pastrami, food dayI first had to heat up the pastrami.

pastrami, melted swiss cheese, sandwichThen melt a slice of Swiss cheese on top of it before placing it on the bread.

pastram and swiss, hot pastrami sandwich day, food celebrationThe sandwich was not too big, but I have been trying to cut back a little on how much I eat.

Pastrami brings back some good memories. Many years ago I worked for a packaging company. On a repair trip to New York City I did some work in a pastrami factory in Brooklyn. That was the best pastrami I have every eaten. Fresh out of the smoke house.

My favorite pastrami sandwich is from Togo’s, but I have had some good ones in other places as well.


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