A Special Great Uncle

Today would have been the 93rd birthday of my Great Uncle Perry. The reason why I remembered his birthday today is that he is the twin brother of my Grandma. See also: Remembering Twins

Grandma and her twin, Twins, Siblings, Birthday, RemembranceI have some great memories of both my Grandma and my Great Uncle Perry.

Since he is my Grandma’s twin there has always been a special connection for me. We visited him quite a bit while I was growing up since we would often be close to Omaha where he lived. Also, his two youngest children are just younger than me. His youngest son went to college with me in Kansas City, but only for a very short time just before I graduated.

Grandma and Great-Uncle - Twins - Family - MemoriesSince my Great Uncle Perry lived in Omaha I would often visit him when I lived in Omaha and Lincoln just after graduating from college.

I also favor my Grandma’s side of the family and there were a few times where people asked if I was his son or grandson.

Great Uncle and Great Aunt, Hotchkiss, BirthdayHere is a picture of my Great Uncle Perry and his wife Gracie.

One of the things that I really remember about my Great Uncle Perry was his love for Nebraska Huskers football. I always remember him when football season rolls around.

It has been a great day of memories.



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