The Great Outdoors Inside

Whenever I watch Last Man Standing I will usually think of Bass Pro Shops.

Bass Pro Shops - Outdoor World - California's Great American Outdoor Store - Manteca, CaliforniaI have been visiting Bass Pro Shops since the time when they only had one location in Springfield, Missouri.

Bass Pro Shops did not open a second location until 1997. Their second location was at Gurnee Mills near Chicago.

Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World - Manteca, California - Artificial Sequoia Tree - Outdoor StoreI have visited a few of their locations, but not too many. They now have about 170 locations after acquiring Cabela’s in 2017.

The picture above is from the Bass Pro Shops in Manteca, California which is the closest one to me. I really like the large tree at the entry.

Bass Pro Shops - Canada - Toronto - Bass Pro Moose - Localized Bass Pro ShopsI have also visited the Bass Pro Shops in Toronto. It is cool that each store has decor and displays from the area that they serve. Of course, you should see a Moose in Canada.

Old Snowmobile - Bass Pro Shops - Toronto, Canada - Outdoor World - Winter transportationAlso in the Toronto store is an old snowmobile.

California Bass Pro Shops, Manteca, Outdoor WorldWhenever I go to Bass Pro Shops I spend more time browsing through the store looking at the displays, dioramas and animals than actually shopping. I usually know just what I want to buy when I go, but it takes a long time.

I will also admit that sometimes I just go to look at the displays.

Big Horn Sheep - Sierra Nevada - California - Bass Pro Shops - TaxidermyThis also brings back memories of a warehouse that Bass Pro Shops had open to the public sometime back in the 90’s. They had hundreds of animals and hunting items roughly sorted into groups. You could walk through and browse through them. Some had signs with details, but it really depended on where they were acquired from. I am sure that many of these items went to the early stores when they started to expand across the country.

Lots of memories…



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