Thinking of Sheffield

Tonight I have been thinking about Sheffield. I will not share the memory chain along which my wandering thoughts traveled. However, I will note that I was in Sheffield four years ago this month.

Sheffield Train Station, reflections, UK Train TravelI was in England to do some training. I had two training sessions with one at our office in Cambridge and one in Sheffield for the engineers who lived further north.

This was one of my first views of Sheffield as I left the train station to walk to my hotel. I really like the way the arches are reflected in the water.

See: Cambridge to Sheffield

sheffield England, starbucks, travel, coffeeSince I was so far north and it was winter I did not get to see much of Sheffield in the daylight since I was teaching all day.

When out and about in the evening I saw this interesting Starbucks. One thing I like about England are all the brick buildings with wood trim. This is a good example.

Sheffield England, tree, pink windowsHere is another early evening view with buildings lit up and a tree silhouetted against the darkening sky.

Sheffield Cathedral, Evensong, Church of EnglandThe Sheffield Cathedral was lit up nicely and I went in and listened to the Sunday Evensong.

Sheffield England, Wall art, paintingHere is another colorful view of Sheffield. I took this on the way back to the train station were I caught my train to London.

It is always interesting to see colorful street art.


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