Introducing Bluey

Tonight my garage has a new occupant. I have finished my Car Research and today took ownership of a new car.

New Car, Ford Fusion, Plug-in hybrid, Blue Car, BlueyHere is Bluey who is replacing Old Blue in my garage.

Bluey is a 2020 Ford Fusion plug-in hybrid.

As those of you who follow my blog know, Old Blue had been giving me a bit of trouble. Old Blue is almost 12 years old, and it is time for something new. I will miss Old Blue, but am looking forward to driving Bluey. See: Wrong Car in my Garage

New Car, Ford Fusion, Plug-in hybrid, Blue Car, BlueyI really like the color of Bluey, and it is really cool that the car looks a bit different depending on the light.

Bluey came from another dealer as they did not have the model and color I wanted locally. The sales guys at the dealership were really impressed with the color as it was the first car they had seen in Alto Blue which is a new color for 2020. The sales manager is putting some on order as they all really like the color.

New Car, Ford Fusion, Plug-in hybrid, Blue Car, BlueyHere is an example of how Bluey looks in different light. In my garage the car looks almost black.

New Car, Ford Fusion, Plug-in hybrid, Blue Car, BlueyThe interior of the car is also dark, but I think it looks really nice. There is a lot to learn about the car as it has a lot of tech that wasn’t available 12 years ago.

New Car, Ford Fusion, Plug-in hybrid, Blue Car, BlueyHere Bluey is plugged in for the night. Each night I will be able to recharge Bluey’s batteries while I sleep. About a year from now I will also be able to recharge Bluey while I work as our new building will have charging stations.

I had planned on waiting to buy in December, but some changes in available incentives for clean air vehicles brought that time forward.

Old Blue is not yet gone, they did not want to give much trade-in for a 12 year old car with almost 200k on the odometer. Old Blue will make one more trip to the airport when I go to Germany next month while Bluey stays home in the garage. When I return Old Blue will most likely be donated, but I still have research to do before deciding where.

Welcome to my garage Bluey!



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