More Work on Old Blue

Old Blue spent some time in the shop this week.

Old Blue, Airport Parking, Anza Parking, SFOWhile heading home from work on Tuesday I was having some trouble when accelerating quikly.

Brakes, Old Blue, Car Trouble, BluesIt seemed at first that it was a problem with a sticking brake and it was found that there were some problems with my brakes. Wednesday was spent fixing the brake problems.

Altamont Crash, Parking on the Altamont, Accident, Commute Nightmare, Altamont, Motorcycle crashToday while heading up the Altamont on the way to work the problem came back. It was very apparent that it was something other than the brakes.

Pontiac G6 GXP, Blue Car, Auto WorkI made it to the top of the Altamont and then exited for the drive back to the shop. As long as I kept a fairly constant speed there were no problems. Since there was little traffic against the commute direction this was easy to maintain. Plus, it was almost all downhill.

Car being Towed - Starter Problems - Car Repair - Tow TruckFortunately, I didn’t have to see my car like this.

The problem ended up being with the engine, but luckily only a spark plug that was not working properly. However, it took them awhile to figure it all out, make the repair and perform a road test. I ended up spending a second day at home waiting for Old Blue to get a new set of spark plugs.

I am starting to think about what my next vehicle will be. However, I have been holding off while the Altamont is being resurfaced as it is often a rough ride. By that time I will be close to 200K so may need to also wait for that milestone 🙂

I am hoping for a light commute tomorrow morning so I can give Old Blue a good road test on the Altamont.


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2 Responses to More Work on Old Blue

  1. My mother drove a car called “blue” picking up senior and handicap people. It had a CB radio and I sometimes worked dispatch office to send Her to the calls. Met many kind people. Speaking of trading cars , mine is over 100, thousand miles, wheels and frame is ready to retire. car shopping is my mission now. Hope you get a nice one .

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