Wrong Car in my Garage

Tonight I have the wrong car in my garage.

chevy equinox, car trouble, loanerI am again having some car trouble. This time it was a starting issue. The car started a bit hard twice on Saturday and then on Sunday it wouldn’t start at all.

It was a run down battery, but not because it wouldn’t hold a charge.

battery connection, corrosion, battery, car troubleInstead the battery cable had corroded and needed to be replaced.

loose cable, battery cable, no chargeI was able to simply lift the cable off of the post without using any tool.

Because of the strike at GM parts are not as easily available and the new cable will not arrive until tomorrow.

chevy equinox, car trouble, loanerThe Equinox does fit nicely in the garage, and it is really about the size of car that I may look for when it is time for Old Blue to be put out to pasture.

That time is getting near I am afraid.

I will have to see how it drives tomorrow as I go to work. It will be nice to sit a bit higher in traffic. However, I would not get this model as it lacks some things I want in a car like leather seats and a bit more power.

And definitely not this color. No white car for me.

Old Blue - Pontiac G6 GXP - 100000 milesOld Blue has been through a lot, but perhaps it is about time.

There is another issue with Old Blue that is also being diagnosed and how long I keep Old Blue may depend on what is found.


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