Labor Day II

I am a bit tired from my trip to Canada, so I will re-post something that I wrote three years ago.

I looked back through my blog and found that I have not written a Labor Day post. I wondered why and discovered that I have usually been out of the country or away from home on Labor Day.

So, what to write for Labor Day is the next question. Should I write about my only experience of being in a union? I decided no on this one.

What I decided to do was to share a little about what jobs some of my ancestors had.

Jefferson County, Wisconsin, Postmaster, Orsamus Braman, 1856Last week I wrote a post titled Neither Snow nor Rain which included information about two of my ancestors who were Postmasters. You can find more detail in my post Ancestral Postmasters.

Preacher - Grandpa - Weed, California - Preacher Grandpa - Midwestern School of EvangelismMy maternal Grandpa was a preacher, but also worked at other jobs including being a cook and working in a lab. See: Remembering Grandpa II

Grandma - Remembering Grandma - Nurse - MemoriesMy maternal Grandma was a nurse. See: Remembering Grandma II

Grandpa - Nursery - Picking Flowers in Field - Interstate Nurseries - MemoriesMy paternal Grandpa worked at Interstate Nurseries in Hamburg, Iowa. See: Grandpa 101

Grandma High School Picture - Agnes Van DuzorMy paternal Grandma was a homemaker. See: Remembering Grandma

She was also an amateur Historian and Genealogist.

TipTop Apartments - Ford Motor Factory - TipTop Factory - Omaha, Nebraska - Loft ApartmentsMy Great Grandfather Harvey Braman was listed in the 1930 census as working in an auto plant in Omaha. It may have been here at this Ford plant which is now the TipTop condos in Omaha. See: TipTop Ford

Later he ran a restaurant in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The rest of my great grandparents were all farmers or homemakers.

As I think about my ancestors I know that a lot of them were farmers, but there were also a lot of preachers. I need to do a lot more research 🙂

Tomorrow I plan on sharing a few more occupations of my ancestors unless my mind wanders elsewhere.



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1 Response to Labor Day II

  1. Carel Chapman says:

    I wish more of us would take the time to look back and see what our ancestors contributed by way of their labor. Good post, even if 3 years old!

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