I am now back home from Toronto.

I had taken some pictures on the way home, but am having a little trouble transferring my pictures to my computer.

Tonight will be a very quick post just to let people know that I am home.

air canada 777, SFO, YYZ, airportsI decided to just use some pictures that I have posted before.

Here is a picture from Toronto (YYZ) showing some of the Air Canada planes.

Air Canada Jet, Toronto Airport, Pearson Airport, Flying HomeHere is an A321 which is what I flew on today.

I had a nice aisle seat on a plane that was not very full. This was unexpected since it is a holiday weekend.

I did have an empty seat next to me.

San Francisco International Airport, SFO, Home AirportThe flight was about five hours and it was nice to make it back to SFO.

The drive home took about an hour as there was very little traffic.

Now for some sleep.


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