Neither Snow nor Rain

Today at lunch I finished reading Neither Snow nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal Service by Devin Leonard.

Neither Snow nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal Service, Devin Leonard, Stamps, Post Masters, Post Offices I saw this book on the New Book shelf at the library a couple weeks ago. It quickly went into my bag as I knew that it would be an interesting book.

This has been my lunch book at work. Each day I like to decompress while eating lunch by getting some reading in. Especially while teaching a class.

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to history buffs and stamp collectors.

The book details the history of the postal service from early beginnings with Benjamin Franklin all the way to the present. There is even some information from this year.

Stamp Collection - Stamp Collecting - Stamp Album - PhilatelyI have been interested in stamps for a long time. When I was a kid I collected stamps and even won a few awards at our school hobby show. I still have my stamp collection and every so often I will take a look through it or even add a bit to the collection.

See my post: Stamp Collecting

Do you know which President was an avid stamp collector?

Old Post Mark - Coin, Iowa - Postal MarkPostmarks have also been an interest of mine, and of course they are covered in this book as well.

I wrote a post titled A Little Coin that has information about the postmark shown above.

Postmaster, Post Office Directory, Rode's, 1853Rome, Wisconsin, Jefferson, Postmaster, Orsamus BramanI also have at least two ancestors who were Postmasters. See my post: Ancestral Postmasters

In the clip above you can see that my 4th great-grandfather Orsamus Braman was the Postmaster of Rome, Wisconsin in 1853.

My 2nd great-grandfather Lorenzo Dow Cochran was appointed as Postmaster of Powellton, Illinois on October 18, 1892. Powellton is in Hancock County just east of Nauvoo.

It was interesting to read about changes in the Postal Service over the years and to see what it was like when my ancestors were Postmasters.

Do you have any ancestors who were Postmasters?




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3 Responses to Neither Snow nor Rain

  1. I haven’t found any postmasters or mail carriers yet on my family tree.

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