Scenic Bridges

This evening I changed my cover photo on Facebook and received a bunch of likes and comments.  The first picture below is my new cover photo.

Woerlitzer Park Bridge, Dessau-Woerlitzer Park, Germany, English Garden in GermanyThis picture was taken 13 years ago when I visited the Wörlitzer Park near Dessau, Germany. The park is laid out as an English garden and was created in the early 1770’s.

This picture was taken from a rowboat that we were riding in while taking a tour of the waterways in the park. The day was overcast and there were occasional showers. There were swans swimming in the water and also several narrow waterways that were spanned by bridges.

This was one of my favorite pictures from the day. The umbrella really pops and adds color to the overcast and dreary day.

I have a niece who is a professional photographer and she has a print of this picture in her bedroom. Also, one of my aunts did a painting based on this picture.

Burgau Bridge, Burgau Germany, Jena Germany, Stone Bridge, Old Bridge, Saale RiverHere is another bridge in Germany. This bridge is in Jena-Burgau and is known as the Burgauer Brücke. You can click on the link to learn more about the history of the bridge.

I really like this bridge and visit it almost every time that I visit Jena. However, I have not yet been able to get a picture that is better than this one that I took many years ago.

This picture is also on my ATM card. The last time I received notification that I was being sent a new card there was an option to choose from a gallery or pictures, or to submit one of my own.

Mossdale Bridge - San Joaquin River - Final Link in Transcontinental Railroad - Railroad Bridge - Reflections - Vertical Lift DrawbridgeThis bridge is not far from home. The bridge is know as the Mossdale Bridge.

Click on The Final Link? to find out why this was one of the final links to a transcontinental railway.

I really like this picture. It has such a great reflection of the bridge.

Kingbridge Centre, Trails, Hiking, walking trails, Canada, TorontoThis picture was taken just last week and is one of the bridges at Kingbridge Centre near King, Ontario.

The bridge crosses the Humber River.

There are several scenic Bridges over the Humber at the Kingbridge Center and also downstream close to where some of my friends live.

West Lake - Hangzhou, China - Old Bridge - Reflection - China TourismI can’t make a post about scenic bridges without including this one. This bridge is at West Lake in Hangzhou, China. West Lake has an interesting history and is also a popular tourist destination in China. You can read more about West Lake and see more pictures that I took by clicking on: West Lake

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of these scenic bridges.


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2 Responses to Scenic Bridges

  1. I love this great post of scenic bridges. Thanks

  2. Reminded me of my mission trip there as a team. We were in the southwest corner, Freiberg I’m breisgau. Loved the people and country.

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