Zeiss Innovation Center – Construction Begins

The new Zeiss Innovation Center in Dublin, California started construction this week. Of course, this depends on what your definition of the start of construction is. To me, this is when you have work crews on site.

Zeiss Innovation Center, Carl Zeiss, Dublin, California, ConstructionWe are getting a brand new building that will combine the US operations of several Zeiss divisions. It will be some time before the construction will be complete, but I am looking forward to teaching in my new classrooms already.

Zeiss Innovation Center, Dublin, California, ConstructionLast week the lot was full of tall weeds and today it was all nicely mown and they had secured the wet zone area that we have to preserve.

The lot has sat empty for so long that a seasonal wet zone had developed over time. If you look at the picture of the sign above, you will see that the wet zone area will be integrated into the landscaping around our building.

erosion control, construction process, Zeiss Innovation CenterOne of the important things that was being completed today was the laying out of erosion control measures. We don’t want our valuable dirt to wash away onto the streets 🙂

Concrete slabs, old streets, construction, site prep, Zeiss Innovation CenterThey were also clearing out some concrete slabs from some old streets that had run through the property.

porta pot, bathrooms, construction site, Zeiss Innovation CenterAnother sign that construction was underway was the presence of portable toilets. From now on there should be people working on the site almost every day until the building is completed.

You will most likely be seeing regular posts about the construction process as I will be keeping a close eye on it. The new building is being built only a couple blocks away from our current office so I can take regular walks to check it out and take pictures.

On some days I will take a slightly different route to or from work so I can check on the progress on a regular basis. I don’t want to miss a picture opportunity 🙂




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4 Responses to Zeiss Innovation Center – Construction Begins

  1. Luis M. Barreiro says:

    It looks nice!. Waiting for see it finished. Is it in Dublin Blvd, close to the SAP Building?

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