Virtual Hike in the Snow?

Those who follow my blog know that I am tracking my walking through a Virtual Hike across the country. I am currently in Iowa on my virtual hike and it is snowing there. Fortunately for me it is a virtual hike and I have some nice weather here.

Iowa Snow, Virtual WalkI snagged a picture that was posted by one of my friends on Facebook of snow in Iowa. There were many pictures of snow today from friends who live in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.

Virtual Hike, Iowa, Snow, MarengoThe current leg of my virtual hike is from Marengo, Iowa to the Turkey River Mounds State Preserve. I am about halfway between the two points.

Virtual Hike Route, Iowa, Winter Walking from far away, Anamosa IowaToday I was virtually hiking through Anamosa, Iowa. This small city in Iowa is known for a couple of things. First, the Anamosa State Penitentiary is located there. Second, a famous artist was born just east of town and grew up in the area and third it is also known for motorcycles.

Motorcycle Museum, Anamosa IowaThe National Motorcycle Museum is in Anamosa and would have been a very nice place to stop to get out of the snow.

I did a puzzle of the most famous picture painted by Grant Wood who was the artist from Anamosa, Iowa. I thought that I had posted a picture of the completed puzzle, but found out that I never wrote the follow up post to Guess the Puzzle.

American Gothic, Grant Wood, Anamosa IowaHere is American Gothic by Grant Wood. You can see pictures of the puzzle in progress in my post Guess the Puzzle.

The virtual hike continues as I keep walking wherever I am.

Just glad that I am not actually hiking in the snow. Although if you want to see pictures of a hike that I made in the snow you can visit the post: Wandering in the Snow


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