Snow in the Hills

Here in California the temperature dropped over the last couple of days and combined with a storm coming through we ended up with snow in the hills.

California Snow, Hills, Mount Diablo, Snow LevelHere you can see the view that I had heading out of town toward work yesterday. You can see snow not only on Mount Diablo, but also on some of the other hills in the area.

California Valley Snow, Livermore Hills, Snow level, dropping snow levelsHere you can see the Livermore hills to the south. You could also see snow on them this morning as it had not warmed up enough to melt the snow in higher elevations.

Low Snow Level, Central Valley hills snow, TracyThe picture here is a bit blurry, but you can see that even the hills that line the western edge of the Central Valley have snow on them. I do not remember seeing the tops covered with snow in the last 20 years, but then again I often travel in the winter time.

Mount Diable, Snow Covered, Snow LevelsHere is a better picture of Mount Diablo. You can also see that snow is on hills with lower elevations. The snow level really dropped down with this storm.

Zeiss Innovation Center, Snow on Hills, Livermore hillsI took this picture this afternoon and you can still see snow on the Livermore Hills in the distance. In the foreground is the construction site for the new building near our office. They were working on the storm drains in the parking lot today.

The temperatures had dropped below freezing this morning, so my California friends could truthfully say that they were freezing. I hear Californians say that it is freezing so often when the temperature drops into the 50’s. At least today it didn’t bother me 🙂

As I write this it is only 41 degrees. It may not drop below freezing tonight, but temperatures will stay cool in the 30’s to 50’s for the next week. With more rain in the forecast perhaps we will see some more snow.

At what temperature do you begin to complain about it being freezing cold?



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