Starting to Prepare the Ground

This afternoon I took a walk to the construction site of the new building near our office. I had noticed that they were doing some work as I drove by this morning and wanted to see how they were progressing.

 Dublin, California, ConstructionThis was my first view as I approached the site. You can see that they are starting to prepare the ground.

Dublin, California, ConstructionThey had just stopped work for the day when I arrived, but had been using this big CAT to work the ground. I talked to one of the workers and he said that it was a bit too wet from the rains last week to bring in the big equipment. To me, this was a big piece of equipment.

Dublin, California, ConstructionHere you see another view of the area with the sign showing what the building will look like when completed and also a nice puddle of water from the rains last week.

Dublin, California, ConstructionThey are definitely breaking up the topsoil and it brought back memories of working on a ranch where I did a lot of plowing. We didn’t plow so deep and the fields were much bigger, but it sure brought back some memories.

Dublin, California, ConstructionThe area where they were working today is where the parking will be. The building will be in the area shown here. I am sure that they will soon be moving dirt in this area, and I will most likely take another walk tomorrow to see how the earth work is progressing.

It is exciting to see the construction work beginning.


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