Almost Pruning Time

It is almost time to prune back my roses, so I thought I would share a few images of spent roses that I have taken in the last couple of weeks. There are now very few blooms left on my roses after the rains we have had in the last week.

Rose blooms dying, last roses, dead bloomsSometimes the last petals to fall off of a rose bloom are beautiful in the way that they hang on tenaciously.

Rose petals in drive way, spent roses, rose blooms, pruning timeOf course, even the fallen leaves look interesting. Especially when they fall on the driveway.

rose bloom, roses, rose bushes, pruning timeSoon there is not much more than the hip left of a rose bloom.

One petal rose, red rose, pruning timeHere one petal is hanging on to this rose after it got soaked by the rain.

Stigma, anthers, rose parts, sepals, rose hipHere the sepals are hanging down and the anthers are all surrounding the stigma. Soon this will join many other spent roses in the yard waste bin as I start pruning the bushes.

I hope that it is not raining this weekend so I can get started.



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