Looking Forward To …

Tonight I am thinking of what I am Looking Forward To during the next couple of weeks.

Australia, Winter temps, nice weatherNumber one on the list is looking forward to cooler temperatures that will be in the 60’s instead of the 100’s.

Nando's Hot Chicken - Peri Peri Sauce - Delicious Chicken - Nando's Australia - Macquarie CentreI am also looking forward to getting my Nando’s Fix while in Australia.

Half Chicken, Nando's, Clean Up Your Act, Hot and SpicyI did get two Nando’s meals in South Africa, but I am looking forward to more in Australia.  See: Nando’s Fix VII

Nando's chicken Ribs - Chicken Ribs - BBQ Chicken Ribs - Nando's AustraliaEspecially since you can only get the Nando’s Chicken Ribs in Australia.

Macquarie Church of Christ - North Ryde, NSW, Australia - Large treeI am also looking forward to meeting with my friends at Macquarie Church of Christ. I hope that my flight is on time so that I can make it in time for worship services on Sunday morning.

Altamont Crash, Parking on the Altamont, Accident, Commute Nightmare, Altamont, Motorcycle crashI am also looking forward to not having a commute to work for two weeks.

Meriton, North Ryde, Australia, Serviced Apartment

Instead, I will be have about a 10 minute walk uphill to the office each day from my apartment at the Meriton. I will get my morning exercise in while enjoying the nice cool morning temps.


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