Flora and Fauna XII – Roman Road

Tonight I am making another entry in a series that I started long ago. I had not made a post for about three years until I wrote Flora and Fauna XI – Ladybugs in May. Earlier today I remembered a series of pictures that I took in Turkey and just had to find one of them.

The post tonight is Flora and Fauna XII – Roman Road.

Roman Road - Tarsus Roman Road - Steps of Paul - Cilician RoadI use the picture above in my post A Day in Tarsus which I wrote when I visited there in May 2014.

Butterfly on Roman Road - Flora and Fauna - TurkeyWhile walking along the ancient Roman road I saw a lot of flora and fauna. Here is a combination of both as we see a butterfly on a pretty little flower. I used this picture in Flora and Fauna V – Turkey. This is a post you may want to visit as it has some really nice bee pictures. I think that they are some of the best that I have taken.

Red poppies, roman road, tarsus, flora and fauna, turkeyHere are some beautiful little red flowers that were growing along the ancient Roman road. I really like the shadow of the third flower. There were quite a few of these little flowers along the road.

Flora and fauna, roman road, tarsus, turkey, plantsI am not sure what type of plant this was, but it was growing through a hole in one of the stones along the road. I can imagine that plants have grown through this hole for centuries.

Black goats, Tarsus, Roman Road, TurkeyHere we have a flock of long-haired black goats that were grazing along the road. This area has been famous for black goats for millennia. The wool from this type of goats was often used in tent making.

Dung Beetles, Turkey, tarsus, roman road, dungNow for the picture that I had to find.

Have you ever seen dung beetles at work? This was interesting to watch as the beetles were rolling up balls of dung and moving them around. It was nice of the goats to leave them some food 🙂

You may like some of my other Flora and Fauna posts. Just type Flora and Fauna in the search box to find them.



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