Packing by Subtraction

Tonight I have an interesting twist on The Packing Formula. Instead of adding things to the suitcase I am subtracting them.

Packing, Suitcase, Clifford the Big Red SuitcaseIn my post In the Wrong Place I detailed my return home from Zurich instead of heading on to South Africa. Knowing that I would soon be heading out again I kept my suitcase packed. I now have my passport and it is time to get ready to travel again.

However, now I have too many items in the suitcase for the number of days I will be in South Africa. Therefore, it is subtraction time. I theoretically could simply zip up the suitcase and head out the door, but why take more than I need. A lighter suitcase is just easier to move around, but instead I will probably add a book or two 🙂

United 787, Zurich, SwitzerlandMy trip will take a little bit different route this time. I do not want to go back through Zurich and endure another day long layover. Instead I will be flying through Frankfurt both ways.

Terminal Z, Follow z signs, Frankfurt Airport, German LanguageFlying through Frankfurt will be easy as I know that I usually just have to Follow Z Signs to get to where I need to be. I am very familiar with this airport.

From Frankfurt I will travel on South African Airways to Johannesburg. It will not be the first time for me to fly on South African Airways. I flew with them between Capetown and Johannesburg back in September 2001 before they joined the Star Alliance.

United 747, Jet, Plane, travel, SFOI looked to see if I had previously posted any pictures of a Lufthansa 747 and couldn’t find one. I know that I probably have some in the picture archives on my computer but decided to just share a picture of a United 747. On the flight between Johannesburg and Frankfurt on the way back I will be flying on a Lufthansa 747. I have not flown on a 747 since United retired their fleet. See: My Last United 747 Flight

A380, Airbus, Lufthansa, Biggest Plane, First A380 FlightThe flight between Frankfurt and San Francisco will be a first for me. It will be the first time that I fly on an A380. I did just happen to have a picture of a Lufthansa A380 that I used in my post At the Airport.

Hmm, my post subject wandered a bit but that is not unusual.

Now to get ready to lecture to my students in South Africa via Skype. I am still teaching even though I am not there 🙂


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