The Wells Fargo Wagon

I have a song wandering through my head tonight. It is The Wells Fargo Wagon song from the musical The Music Man. I was in this musical when I was in High School and talk about some of my memories in my post: The Music Man

Wells Fargo Wagon, Museum, Music ManYesterday while in downtown San Francisco I happened across a Wells Fargo museum and just had to wander in after dropping off my passport application paperwork.

What initially drew my eye was a Wells Fargo Stage Coach. I found out that there are a number of Wells Fargo museums across the country and some of the others also have stage coaches on display.

Wells Fargo Western Routes, San FranciscoThe Wells Fargo stage coaches had some very long routes that they covered to move mail, people and valuables from place to place.

Wells Fargo Wagon, San Francisco, Luggage, Yellow WheelsHere you can see an example of the luggage on top of the wagon. This coach is a Concord Coach and would have been built in Concord, New Hampshire.

The wagon in The Music Man would probably have been an overland wagon that was used more for freight.

Wells Fargo Express Agent, L.L. White, Mid Texas Train RobberyThis display in the museum made me think of my 2nd great-great uncle L. L. White. He was a Wells Fargo Express agent and helped prevent a train robbery in Texas in 1898. I talked to the manager at the museum and he had heard of L. L. White. At one time they had a picture of him on display that was on loan from his family.

For more details about the train robbery and how I found out about it visit my post: The Great Mid-Texas Train Robbery

I am hoping to find out more about L. L. White and his career with Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Stage Wagon, Museum, San Francisco, Concord StageHere is one last look at the stage wagon. It is quite an impressive piece of equipment. I can imagine it being pulled by a team of horses along the perilous roads of the California mountains.

I may visit the museum again tomorrow when I go to pick up my passport.


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