In the Wrong Place

By this time you should have seen a post from me about arriving in South Africa.

Swiss, Zurich Airport Instead I am In the Wrong Place as I am back home in California.

Not OK, Denied Boarding, South Africa, Passport IssueLast night at the Zurich airport I was denied boarding for a passport issue. I will not go into details here, but it was a picky little problem that they would not budge on.

I have had a premonition the last couple weeks that something would go wrong on this trip and so it has. At least it is nothing too serious. This pales in comparison with my trip home from South Africa in 2001. See: Remembering September 11

United 787, Zurich, SwitzerlandI looked into having the problem fixed at an embassy in Switzerland, but with a little research found out that an emergency passport would most likely not be sufficient to continue on to South Africa and a new passport could take up to a week or more to get to Switzerland. If I returned home I could possibly get a new passport in 1-2 days. The courses in South Africa may still take place, but perhaps slightly shortened.

Since the flight was a late night flight, the airport was slowly shutting down and by the time I got my bag it was past midnight. I checked all the hotels close to the airport and they were all booked so ended up spending the night in the airport. If I had gone into Zurich to get a hotel I would have had about three hours of sleep before having to head back to the airport for my morning flight.

Luckily I had access to the arrivals lounge once it opened at 6:00 and was able to take a shower and eat a hot breakfast before checking in for the flight back home.

I had a window seat, so was able to get a few pictures of the wing of the 787 with the beautiful Switzerland countryside in the background.

Reflection, Wing of 787, FlyingThe wing of the 787 is pretty cool to watch during flight as it curves up into the air and you can see it flex a bit with turbulence. This is hard to show in a picture, but I tried to get a few pictures.

This one was interesting as it caught a double reflection of me. The picture is also a bit blue as the windows were darkened. The windows of the 787 are pretty cool with the electro-chromatic technology. Basically there is a gel between two panes of glass that darkens when electrified.

Now for some sleep before a busy day tomorrow figuring out whether I can salvage part of my trip.




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