Only Three Seasons

My original plan was that within a two week period I would experience all Four Seasons. However, my travel delay has made this turn into only three seasons.

Today is the first day of summer, so that means that so far this week I have experienced spring and summer. On Saturday it will be winter time where I am. I will arrive a few days late to experience autumn.

honey bee, blossom, fertilizing, pollen, orchardI have been enjoying spring this year, especially the flowering trees in the orchards.

102 Degrees - Late Day Heat - Hot DayI am taking off for winter just in time as summer is going to hit hard this weekend with a forecast of up to 105 degrees. It will be nice to spend a week in winter before a long hot summer.

Snow Scene, Village in Snow, Country Snow Scene, Little Village church

I will not see a winter like this in South Africa, but the temperatures will get down into the 30’s while I am there.

Autumn Color, Fall Color, colorful trees, Jena, GermanyI will miss autumn in South Africa, but it would have been too late to see fall foliage anyway. I am not sure exactly what it will look like. I have only been in South Africa in September.

Mexico City - Spring - Jacaranda Tree - Coyoacan - Purple Blooms - PretoriaWhen I was in South Africa in 2001 the Jacaranda trees were in full bloom and it was very beautiful. The picture above is not from South Africa, but rather from Mexico City. They have similar climates where the Jacaranda trees thrive.

I will have to wait for another time to experience all four seasons in a short time period. It is actually quite easy to do as you only have to travel between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres around the day that seasons change.


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