Home for Tea

One of the first things that I usually do when I get home from work is turn on the hot water kettle.

I like to have a nice cup of tea to help calm me down as I get ready for my evening.

While driving home I often think about what kind of tea to have.

Golden Tea, Formosa Oolong, Good Tea, Hot Tea, Oolong TeaDo I have a nice cup of Formosa Oolong Tea?

Tea, Tea Pot, Darjeeling, Oolong, Tee Gschwendner, AmishPerhaps I will have some Diplomat’s Tea which is a mix of Oolong and Black tea.

tea, hot tea, lapsang souchong, smoky tea, Fujian ProvinceMaybe a nice cup of smoky Lapsang Souchong tea will be on my mind. I have several varieties too choose from. Some are more smoky than others.

Brahmin Tea, Breakfast Tea, Black Tea, Steve Smith TeamakerI sometimes like to have  A Wonderful Cup of Brahmin Tea. This is a special blend of tea from Steve Smith Teamaker.

Monday Tea, High Mountain Tea, Taiwan Tea, Yu Shan Tea, Jade MountainOne of my favorites is High Mountain Tea from Taiwan. I have some really good oolong teas from Taiwan in my tea collection.

Nepal oolong, Cup of Tea, Golden Tea, Nutty, TeaOne of my favorite teas to drink when I get home is Nepal Oolong Tea. I really like the mouth feel of this tea. It is really smooth and has a wonderful taste. A colleague from Germany brought me some more of this tea, so I can have it more often without worrying about running out 🙂 This also meant that I could share some of it with a friend who really likes tea.

You can click on the links to learn more about each of the cups of tea in this post.

Tonight I had some High Mountain Tea. Which one would you have?


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1 Response to Home for Tea

  1. Tea – nothing like it when sitting with a good book.
    Lapsang is one I really like , especially with the second or third infusion.
    Fujian Province white tea is worth looking out for.

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