Photo List for Shanghai

This evening I have been thinking about my Photo List for Shanghai. I will be visiting there at the end of May and want to do a bit of planning ahead of time as I will only have one day to do a bit of wandering when I arrive.

Gaoqiao, Song Dynasty, Shanghai, Bridge, Stone Bridge, ReflectionsOne of the places where I want to take pictures is around this Old Chinese Bridge. Since it will be close to summertime I should be able to get some pictures of this bridge in the daylight. It is about a 10-15 minute walk from my hotel, so hopefully will have some time to get some pictures.

Shanghai Old Settlement, Chinese ArchaeologyI also want to get some more pictures from an archaeological site near the hotel. I was kicked out the last time I visited as I arrived around closing time. I was let in by a very young girl who spoke just a bit of English but her father came and hunted me down after just 10 minutes and chased me out. Unfortunately he did not speak any English and I decided it was best to just go πŸ™‚

Shanghai Old Settlement, Chinese ArchaeologyThere is some very interesting brick work at the site and I want to get some closeup pictures.

Shanghai Old Settlement, Chinese ArchaeologyI will also try and do some more research about the site before I go. When I tried to find information three years ago I came up pretty much empty. Not much on the internet about this place. However, I may try a search in Chinese this time.

Shanghai Old Settlement, Chinese ArchaeologyIt is a very pretty place that is tucked in among container storage sites near one of the Shanghai ports.

I better quit searching for things about it and get this posted πŸ™‚

Do you make a list of photos you want to take before you go places?


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