A Wonderful Cup of Tea

This evening I decided to test out my brand new little Teepott mit Glasfilter und Deckel that I brought back with me from Germany.

Teepott, Tea Pot, Tea Cup, Trendglas Jena, ZycloI bought my little tea cup with infuser at the Trendglas Jena factory outlet last week. I had also bought one on my last trip earlier this month to give as a birthday present to a friend.

Steve Smith Teamaster, brahmin tea, loose tea, black teaMy friend brought me some Brahmin tea from Steve Smith Teamaker when she visited Portland. I had tried the tea before leaving on my trip and had found that it was very good. It is good to have a tea that is close to my name. Hmm, maybe I can get them to sponsor my blog 🙂

Steve Smith Tea Maker, Portland, Orgegon, loose teaThe tea leaves look very nice, and of course have a nice aroma to them. The blend of teas is wonderful.

Loose Tea, Brahmin Tea, Steve Smith Teamaker, Breakfast TeaAfter putting the teakettle on the stove I measured out a teaspoon of leaves into the strainer. The teakettle was soon whistling away and it was time to start the brewing process.

Tea Brewing, Brahmin Tea, Glass TeapotI filled the cup with hot water and set the timer for five minutes. It was nice to be able to see the tea slowly gaining color.

Brahmin Tea, Breakfast Tea, Black Tea, Steve Smith TeamakerAfter removing the strainer, the tea looked really nice with a wonderful color.

Trendglas Jena, Glass Teacup, Zyclo, Brahmin TeaI thought this was an interesting picture. The cup was sitting in front of another tea infuser. No, my glass tea cup does not have a panda on it 🙂

I do like the Trendglas Jena logo in the bottom of the cup.

This is really a wonderful tea cup. It is made of very high quality heat resistant glass. You would expect it to be heavy, but it does not weigh very much at all.

The cup of tea was wonderful. I really like the Brahmin tea and will have to find it locally or make an on-line order when I start to run out. Or maybe I should fly up to Portland and visit Steve Smith Teamaker and sample other teas.

What is your favorite tea? I may have a new favorite 🙂


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7 Responses to A Wonderful Cup of Tea

  1. Sachie says:

    The tea looks beautiful. My favourite is real japanese green tea. 🙂

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