A Gift that Keeps Giving

My friend Melanie Chandler has been raising funds to help a group of teachers from the Florida College Bible Department visit Israel.

Florida College, Discovering Untold Israel, Luke ChandlerThe link to the fundraiser site is here: Chandler Tours Bible Faculty

This is a gift that keeps giving as the teachers will have a greater understanding of the land of the Bible and will be able to pass this on to their students each year. Many of their students will also become preachers or Bible teachers that will continue to teach others.Florida College, Discovering Untold Israel, Luke ChandlerThe fundraiser is in the final stretch and the goal is close to being met. I am hoping that a few of my followers will consider making a donation to help meet the goal.

With your donation you can also benefit from the tour with different packages of information from the trip. The details are at the fundraising site.Tel Lachish, Technology Break, Break from diggingI have traveled to Israel with Luke Chandler three times and have spent four weeks over two summers with him at Lachish on an archaeological dig. Last year I went on a tour of Israel with him along with five of my friends. It was a wonderful trip for all of us.

Luke has in depth knowledge of Israel and is very good at presenting information to others. The teachers from Florida College will greatly benefit from this experience as they visit Israel.


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