Diplomat’s Tea

Tonight I tried another tea that I brought home from Tee Gschwendner in Germany.

Diplotmat's Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Combo TeeThis tea is called Diplomaten Tee or Diplomat’s Tea. The name comes from the negotiated combination between Darjeeling and Oolong tea. The Darjeeling comes from the Himalayas and the Oolong from Taiwan.

Darjeeling First Flush, Formosa Superior Oolong, Tea, Combination, Diplomat's TeaIf you look closely you can see the combination of the First Flush Darjeeling and the Formosan Oolong leaves.

Tea, Tea Pot, Darjeeling, Oolong, Tee Gschwendner, AmishThe tee is now brewing in the infuser as I am patiently waiting. I have been looking forward to tasting this tea as it was a recommendation of the lady who was helping me pick out teas.

Tea Leaves, Darjeeling, oolong, Tea, Diplomat's TeaHere you can see the two types of leaves after they have opened up. The Darjeeling leaves are mostly hidden by the Oolong leaves but are still visible.

Diplomaten Tee, Diplotmat's Tea, Tee Gschwendner, Hot Tea, Darjeeling/OolongHere you see the beautiful color of the tea. The first infusion had more of the muscatel flavor of the Darjeeling tea but with undertones of the stone fruit flavor of the Formosan Oolong tea. In the second infusion the Oolong taste was stronger and in the third and fourth infusion it started to dominate while the Darjeeling was still there in the background. A very interesting taste experience.

I definitely enjoyed my tea this evening. A very nice diplomatic mix of two great teas 🙂


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