Grandpa at Work

Tonight I was struggling for a blog topic when I thought of a recent picture that I saw of my Grandpa. The picture sent my mind wandering to other similar pictures and I came up with the theme of Grandpa at Work.

Lowenberg Bakery, Ottumwa, Iowa, GrandpaHere is the picture that I had not seen before, but one that I will most likely use in a few future posts. The picture is of my Grandpa working at the Lowenberg Bakery in Ottumwa, Iowa. He is standing behind the machine in this picture. My Grandpa worked at Lowenberg Bakery while he was going to school in Ottumwa.

Grandpa, Lab Technician, Labratory, workingMy Grandpa at one time worked in a laboratory in Iowa City. Look at all the cool equipment that he got to work with. Perhaps this is where my skills at working with medical instruments comes from.

Frytown, Iowa, Church of Christ, Minister, Work, JobsMy Grandpa was a preacher for much of his life. One of the first churches he worked with was in Frytown, Iowa. Here he is standing at the steps of the building. This picture of the church building brings back so many memories for me.

Preacher Study, Preacher, Outside the pulpit, studyHere is my Grandpa sitting in his study at one of the churches where he preached. Sometimes we forget that a preacher does not only work on Sunday. A preacher has to have time to study and prepare for his lessons.

Second Job, Cook, Restaurant, cookingMy Grandpa preached mainly for small congregations and usually had to have a second job. Here he is working as a cook in a restaurant.

I remember one of the jobs that he had picking up film from and delivering pictures to stores in California. I got to go with him on his route one day when we were visiting from Iowa. My mind just wandered to another memory, one of my college jobs was working in a grocery store and for a time I was in the department that was in charge of the photo center. I would always think of my Grandpa when checking in film and sorting photo envelopes.




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5 Responses to Grandpa at Work

  1. Wow! I have a niece in Frytown! Drove near there every day to High School! I also worked in a laboratory in Iowa City for 8.5 years! Very interesting. What was your grandfather’s name? Or, could I find him in the Hochstedler book! šŸ™‚

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