Roses and Blossoms

Tonight I will share a few pictures of roses and blossoms. This weekend I finally had some rose blooms on my rose bushes.

There are also many trees that are blossoming. I am sure that they are all contributing to the headache that I have tonight.

Yellow Rose Bud, Spring Roses, Yellow RoseOn Saturday I had a rose bud on my yellow floribunda rose bush that was starting to open. I have been watching it closely to see when it would open. The first ones of the year seem to open so slowly.

Yellow Rose Bloom, Yellow Rose Bush, Spring BloomsThis morning the rose was almost fully open and was so beautiful. I also took a picture of the rose with my phone and sent the picture to a friend. It is nice to share the first rose of the year with some one else.

blossoming trees, pink blossomsThese blossoms are on one of the trees that are along the sidewalk to the entrance of the library. I really should find out someday what type of trees they are. However, these pink blossoms are really pretty. I usually will see bees flying around them, but couldn’t find any yesterday. Perhaps they were still recovering from the rain on Friday.

blossoms, trees, spring blossomsThese blossoms are on a tree that I will often walk by as I head home from a long walk. This afternoon I had my camera with me and stopped to take a picture. Perhaps I breathed in too much pollen from these blossoms 🙂

Locust Tree, Idaho Locust, robina, blossoms I do know what type of tree this is. My neighborhood is full of them as it the city tree that was planted in each yard. This one if in my yard and is an Idaho Locust tree. The blossoms are really beautiful in the spring.

Now for some sleep so that I wake up refreshed and ready for a week of teaching. At least I don’t have a headache now since I took some pills.

I am glad that the blossoms are not around all year.


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