Top Posts of 2018

Tonight I am looking back at some of the most popular posts from the past year.

Camarillo Cracker Barrel, Premium Outlets, Southern California Cracker BarrelI will start with some posts that I have written in the past year. By far, the most popular post that I wrote this year is Camarillo California Cracker Barrel. I am actually not sure of the status of this possible location as there has been no recent mention of it in the news.

Cracker Barrel Map, California Cracker BarrelsAnother popular post was about the Santa Maria Cracker Barrel. The Santa Maria location should open sometime early next year.

Louise Erdrich, Future Home of the Living God, Pulitzer Possible 2018My Pulitzer Prediction 2018 post was the second most viewed of the posts that I wrote this year. It is almost time to start reviewing books for my 2019 post.

Tracy Hills, Tracy California, Corral Hollow, New HomesTracy Hills Update was another top post. The housing project is now well under way. Last month I wrote another post titled Tracy Hills First Houses which has not had very many views at all 🙂

Knee of a dromedary camelNow to switch to the posts that were visited most in 2018. The top post this year was written back in 2012. For some reason Camel Knees got a lot of views this year. Perhaps it is because a picture from the post is being used in an on-line test, but maybe people are just curious about just where the camel knee really is.

Manteca, Chick-fil-A, Opening SoonAnother restaurant related post was also in the top three this year. Manteca Chick-fil-A? is about a proposed location that was approved, but has not yet started construction. The restaurant that is currently at the location is still in business. I keep my eye on the news, but haven’t seen anything new.

Gettsyburg Address, Abraham Lincoln - 150th Anniversary - Gettysburg - Fourscore and seven years agoThe Gettysburg Address is another older post that continues to get a lot of views. It is slowly catching up with some of my Amish posts on the all-time list.

Leaves in gutter, fall house work, guttersSince I have been writing about the most popular, I decided to also see which post written this year was visited the least amount of times. Cleaning the Gutters is at the bottom of the list, but since I wrote it only last month it may not be there for long.

One more post to write this year.

What will I write about?

It depends on where my mind wanders tomorrow.




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