Visits to South Korea

Through the years I have made multiple trips to South Korea. Tonight I am remembering some of those trips and will just share some images with a tiny bit of commentary šŸ™‚

Seoul, South Korea - New and Old - Palaces and Skyscrapers - January in SeoulThe images are all from Seoul, since it is where I have spent the most time. Seoul is aĀ  mix of the modern and the ancient as seen in this picture. This is an older picture and the skyline behind this old royal pavilion has really changed since then.

Jogno Tower, Seoul, South Korea, Late Night RestaurantHere is a modern building in Seoul. This is the Jogno tower. I shared this picture in a post about a Korean drama that I enjoyed watching. See. Korean Drama Title Sequence

Hoehyeon Underground Shopping Arcade - Seoul Record Stores - LP's - Seoul Vinyl - Vintage Record ShopI think about this place whenever I see old records. There is an area in the Seoul underground that has several shops that sell old vinyl. See: Seoul Vinyl

Korean BBQ - Small Dishes - meal finished - Korean Food - Remains of the MealOf course, one of my favorite memories of South Korea is the food. Eating out with a group is definitely an event that is memorable. The many little dishes when eating out in Korea are very interesting. See: More Seoul Food

Dak Galbi - Korean Food - Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken - Lunch in SeoulHere is some delicious Dak Galbi. See A Little Seoul Food to see how this is cooked.

OK, back to watching Curling šŸ™‚


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  1. mahakkatyal says:

    The images look gorgeous šŸ˜

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