Virtual Hike to Bullfrog

I am a little late with this post, but my virtual hike has continued and I recently made it to my latest way point at Bullfrog, Utah.

The progress of my virtual hike has slowed down lately, and I really need to get back to taking long nightly walks. Tonight was an example. The combination of temps in the low 40’s and a good book kept me on the couch reading and watching a basketball game.

Escalante, Utah, Bullfrog, Utah, Lake Powell, HikingThis section of the virtual hike has been from Escalante to Bullfrog in the Southwest section of Utah. See: Virtual Hike to Escalante Much of the hike has been through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. This area has been in the news this month, so it was interesting to think that I was virtually hiking there.

Escalante, Utah, National Monument, Utah, Hiking, Virtual HikeThe rugged area is really beautiful with a lot of incredible vistas.

Utah, Scenic, Escalante-Staircase, National Monument, HikingFollowing the path on Google Maps was really cool and scenes like this made me think of someday visiting this area of Utah.

Bullfrog, Utah, Hiking, Virtual Hike, Ferry, Lake PowellBullfrog is on the shore of Lake Powell. From here I will cross the lake and continue the virtual hike.

Bullfrog, Utah, halls ferry, halls crossing, lake powellAt Bullfrog there is a marina and in Bullfrog Bay you can see many boats. There is no bridge to get to the other side of the lake, but there is the Charles Hall Ferry.

Halls Ferry, Utah, Lake Powell, WildernessThe nearest bridges are far away and my virtual hike would have been much longer to my next destination if I had not chosen to cross on the ferry from Bullfrog to Halls Crossing.

The next destination will be another place that I would like to visit someday. My younger sister and her family visited there earlier this year.

The Four Corners Monument has always been a bit intriguing, but more about it after I virtually hike the 142 miles. I am actually already 20 miles along the way. Unfortunately the Google car has never driven along the highway from Halls Crossing so I will not be able to enjoy the first part of virtual hike as much.



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