A Circular Hotel

Earlier this month I stayed in a circular hotel by Heathrow Airport in London.

See my post Sheffield to Heathrow.

Holiday Inn, Heathrow Ariel, Round HotelAs you can see in this picture the hotel is a circular structure. This is the third time I have stayed at the Holiday Inn Ariel at Heathrow.

Each time I have hoped to be put in a specific room, but so far I have not been lucky. Can you think what room I would want to stay in at this circular hotel?

Room 314, 3.14, Round Hotel, Circumference, piWell, 314 of course. Unfortunately it has been booked each time I have been there. In fact this time the hotel was so full that even though I am a Gold member with Holiday Inn I was not able to get a room on the outward facing side of the building. Of course side is maybe not the right term 😉

London Hotel, Heathrow Hotel, Small Hotel RoomInstead I was in the inner side of the circular hallway which has much smaller rooms. There are just as many rooms on the outside as the inside so if you do the geometry you know what I am talking about 🙂

You can see that this room is more bed than floor space.

Hotel Room, Holiday Inn Ariel, Heathrow Airport, Small London Hotel roomsThe end of the bed is so close to the desk that everyone jams the table against the wall to have enough room to set down. You can see the scar on the wall from the back of the chair. Luckily I was able to setup my suitcase in the tiny entryway and still be able to open the door and get to the bathroom.

Hotel Bathroom, Holiday Inn Ariel, Heathrow, Tiny Hotel RoomThe bathroom was normal size considering the size of the room itself.

However, the size of the room was not a concern. It is actually bigger than some rooms I have stayed in around the world. The important thing is that it was clean and had a comfortable bed. Of course a good wi-fi connection is also important. If I was staying there for a week it might be a different story.

My room for my next trip will be many times larger, just wait and see.

What is the smallest hotel room you have stayed in?




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