Critters along the Path

While walking back and forth to work I have been enjoying the path that I take.

There is a lot of vegetation along the way with bushes, vines, trees and just plain old weeds 🙂

I have kept my eye out for flowers, berries and leaves as well as critters.

Walk from work, Cambridge, SpiderIn my post A Walk to the Hotel I shared a picture of a spider, so will include it in this post also.

Snail and Leaf, walk, rainy day, wet walkYesterday the walk to work was a bit wet as it had just finished raining. Along the path I found a snail alongside a beautiful leaf.

Bee, flowers, honey bee, wet walk

I saw some bees flying around and was able to catch one on a bunch of beautiful little flowers.

Spider on Web, Walk, Path, critters

I have been watching out for spiders and was able to find a nice big web near the path. I got a couple pretty nice pictures of this orb spider. I played around a bit with the settings on my camera to try and get a clear focus.

Spider web, orb spider, Walk, pathIn this picture you can see the structure of the web a little better. The spider is not as much in focus, but I like the web.

Now that the work week is done I will be able to do some sightseeing in Cambridge before heading on to Germany. Hopefully I will have some nice pictures to share with you tomorrow.


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